This website is now closed – the case against this cult has been proven over and over again, it is therefore redundant to keep this website maintained. Enough has been said! Case closed!

This notice is to state that there is no need for a whole website dedicated to proving the danger of the cult known as the Church of Wells. There is enough information available to anyone who is willing to do the research (read your bible) – this group is fails to uphold the requirements of biblical leadership or accountability outside their small self obsessed, self promoted, exclusivist claims.

If you believe that God has culminated His expression of the church in the form of this insignificant compound style cult group – then it shows a total lack of logic, reason and biblical discernment. To be part of a group that proposes themselves to be THE exclusive expression of the church of Christ “for the purification of the bride for the return of Christ” through self important men who fail the biblical demands of eldership – then you are motivated by spiritual pride. No argument or reasoning is going to help you. No amount of failed prophetic utterances, evil threats, lack of love for anyone who disagrees with them, crazy dreams, and ridiculous claims will warn you that you are walking into a mistake!

God keeps His children, and His sheep hear His voice! If you do not hear His voice or heed the warnings then you have no one to blame but yourself.

Pray, seek advise and read your bible and you will know. If you seek no accountability from godly friends, family, or other well established ministries and men of proven faith – then you have no one to blame, but your failure to use the scriptural instruction regarding safety found in a multitude of counsellors.

May God give you wisdom and discernment.


This page is no longer being maintained.