The Church of Wells is a cult!

This website seeks to make it clear that this group does not hold to conservative Christianity – although they hide behind many words that appear so. The CoW is a classic end-time control cult, who abuse the Bible to accomplish their own purposes.

There are two main errors that govern their teaching, 1) the exclusion of some biblical doctrines, 2) the inclusion of additional extra-biblical teaching and internal documents of authority. This both equate to apostasy and heresy.

The CoW raise the bar of the requirements of salvation to a level in excess of the biblical mandate. A salvation which they stress can only be upheld by being a part of their group ONLY! Anyone who leaves their group is considered apostate. Through a clever argumentation members are made to believe that their salvation will be lost if they do not adhere to their teaching and commitment to their group. Conservative warriors of the faith such as Paul Washer and Phil Johnson (of have published warnings against the CoW and their teaching.

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Is the CoW a cult?

Not a new convert?

The Scripture clearly states that an elder should not be a young convert (1 Timothy 3:6). Let us listen to Sean Morris give his testimony of how God called him in to ministry. If you have listened carefully you will...

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Does the leadership exhibit signs of Narcissism?

Let us look at the evidence of how the leadership exhibit signs of Narcissism. Let us define Narcissism using a prominent paper in the field of mental health – A Principal-Components Analysis of the Narcissistic Personality Inventory and Further Evidence of Its...

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Recovering from the CoW

What does an ex-member say about those who leave Wells?

When speaking about life after Wells, a CoW member said the following: We are all sinning and put out the camp. We are all going to hell. They told me I would go to hell if I am not under there authority! Everyone who...

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What does it mean – do not love the World?

What does it mean do not “love the World”, or the things of the world? Paul Washer speaks candidly on this subject that is sometimes taken to an extreme. Can you love the world? Are you loving the world? Transcript In...

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CoW News

Deacon caught in what neighbor calls harassment

Deacon Rick Trudeau began yelling at a neighbor while he was quietly entertaining family and guests at his home. Some time after the yelling began, Trudeau was caught on camera. This is not the first time he has been involved in what the targeted individuals...

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What do they teach?

CoW Elders called Prophets of God

Cult leader Jake Gardner and the other elders of the CoW cult group have been called “prophets of God” by their members (and by their own lips also). Several comments made by leaders of CoW on Facebook actively defended a stance...

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Recommended Books

Hole in your Holiness

Hole in your Holiness by Kevin De Young, is one of the most useful books I have read in years. One of our favorite chapters which was totally revitalizing is called “The Pleasure of God and the Possibility of Godliness”. This chapter...

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