Your frequently asked questions answered. We have been asked several legitimate questions that we should ask. We do not come to the conclusion that the Church of Wells is a cult lightly. We are committed to exposing the truth behind this controversial group. Let us discern the truth behind the lies and mis-branding of the Church of Wells:

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 Are the Church of Wells just street preachers who have been given a bad rap?

No! This is not about “zeal” or “witnessing style”. The problem lies in the biblical mandates that are ignored, and the unbiblical teaching that is endorsed by this group. The leadership fall short of the biblical qualifications of an elder or deacon. The Church of Wells hide behind the mask of Street Preachers who are persecuted. This is not the case! The reason they are opposed has nothing to do with Street Preaching.

 Are the CoW Baptist?

The Church of Wells consider all Baptist apostate. Unless of course you leave, and denounce all Baptistic creeds and teaching. You cannot be a baptist and be accepted by the group. Ryan Ringnald has gone so far as to say that Charles Spurgeon was sending his congregation to Hell by preaching Calvinism. In Ryan’s opinion Spurgeon was saved from being a Baptist and Calvinist in his final years – which is utterly false.

 What if you are wrong about what you say about the CoW?

We have been investigating the Church of Wells for a long time and have had frequent communication with Church of Wells members, ex-members and first-hand witnesses. We always assume that we are wrong at the offset of something like this, but after the sheer amount of information that has proven otherwise – we have sadly had to conclude that there is no way that this group is a legitimate expression of the Church of Jesus Christ. Too many people that we have known for many years have come to the same exact conclusion.

 If someone would just confront the leadership I am sure they would see their error?

Many people – individually, groups or churches, and family members have tried. Ministries, and ministers have also tried: Paul Washer (HeartCry), Greg Gorden (SermonIndex), Paul Ravenhill (Leonard Ravenhill’s son), The Barnard family, Illbehonest, Tim Conway, Phil Johnson of and Grace to You – and others have warned against this group. The consensus opinion has been unanimous concern,  and all have been pressed to warn anyone against associating with this group.

 Are the CoW Calvinists?

The Church of Wells do not understand Calvinism correctly, and they use it as a straw-man to win more Arminian recruits. Calvinistic teaching is considered one of the “burdens of God for this hour”. They teach that God is grieved by Calvinism and wants to eliminate it’s existence as gross Heresy. The Arminian/Calvinist debate is not the issue. The CoW make this a core issue, and divide over such debates – calling those who disagree apostate or backslidden (under the contempt of God).

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